My name is Angela Campbell and I’m from Springtown, Texas.  I am a woman of Faith and Fitness as my biggest passion is helping women learn the importance of health and fitness being incorporated into their busy lives so they can be the best versions of themselves for the ones they love.

I am 40 years old, a wife to my best friend Sean Campbell, and a mom of a 6 year old little girl named Parker Mae and an almost 3 year old very active little boy named Colton. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 13 years now on different platforms.  I have been a personal trainer in the big box gyms, a group fitness instructor for indoor cycling and outdoor bootcamps, and always felt I was meant for more. 

 I launched my online FitMama Coaching business after getting lost in my own health journey and dealing with all of the demands as a mom, business owner, wife and many other hats I felt the need to juggle.  My health came last and after nearly 4 years of running on very little sleep as the normal, having no consistency in my own routine in fitness and nutrition, and just simply surviving on coffee and feeling very unhappy in my own skin, God reached out in a way I feel was a big lesson to learn and to share in hopes to help as many women as possible not lose sight of the importance of themselves.  

In Sept 2019, my world changed and Faith and My health became important again.  The day that changed my life was when I was making coffee at 2pm in the afternoon because I was so exhausted.  My 18 month old son at the time, was extremely active and a climber, and found my coffee on the Keurig.  He climbed, grabbed my cup, and poured it on him creating 2nd degree burns all down his chest which to this day you can still see his scars. It all happened so fast and is a day I’ll never forget.

As I look back now after going through it all, that was the day God told me it was time to wake up and take care of ME again, and even more importantly he gave me a story and a message to share with every woman possible to not forget that their health and the one body God gave us needs attention.  My mission now with all I do as a woman and a health coach, is to remind others that they are not alone in their journey or their struggles, and that they deserve to have time for themselves so they can be their best selves for the ones they love and the ones they choose to show up for daily.  Without your health as a woman and mom, you can only give a fraction of what you are capable of and what your loved ones deserve.

God has called me to be a voice to share his message to all women of the world! FitMama Apparel was launched as a part and way to help spread the message to other women and moms who need reminders.